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Two Board Examinations must be sat by Overseas Trained Dietitians who have had their dietetic qualifications recognised. New Zealand Registered Dietitians who have not worked as a dietitian for more than 3 years and wish to return to dietetic practice may also be required to sit.

The Board Examination consists of two stages:

STAGE 1 – Written Examination 

Multi-Choice Question Written Examination – MCQ

The MCQ is held twice a year (usually in March and September). The application to sit for the 8 March 2023 MCQ exam has closed.

The next MCQ exam will be held Wednesday, 6 September 2023. Applications for this MCQ exam close on 25 July 2023. To be eligible to sit the MCQ exam your completed application for Recognition of qualifications (RoQ) must be submitted to the NZ Dietitians Board no later than 1 June 2022.

For those who have already completed the RoQ process, applications for the September 2023 MCQ are now open. 

You apply for the MCQ directly to Dietitians Australia (DA) - email Payment for the exam (fee of AU$1,228) is made directly to DA, for 1 April 2022 – 31 March 2023. Fees may be revised for the September examination.

A results verification process occurs between DA and the NZ Dietitians Board.

A cancellation fee applies if candidates withdraw from an exam.

The online MCQ examination can be sat outside of New Zealand.

You must pass the written MCQ examination to be eligible to sit the oral examination - candidates have 3 attempts only to pass the MCQ.

Note: Dietitians Australia was formally known as the Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA).

STAGE 2 – Oral Examination

Oral Examination – Online

The Oral Examination is held twice a year (usually in May and November).

The next Oral examination will be held over 2-3 days in late May 2023. Candidates will be advised in advance of the specific dates of their examination.

Applications for the May Oral examination will close in April 2023 (exact date TBA). Oral examinations are conducted via Zoom. Please be aware you may need to be available over two days due to scheduling. The October oral examination is likely to be held in late October 2023 (exact date TBA), and applications for this will close in September 2023 (exact date TBA).

The oral examination consists of a simulated consultation with an actor, a reflective interview, and a final component which consists of 2 short answer written scenarios related to the consultation with a focus on public health interventions and food service systems.

Application and payment are made directly to the Dietitians Board – the current fee is NZD$1500.

Like the MCQ exam, you have 3 attempts only to pass the Oral Examination. 

Both the written and oral examinations must be passed within the same three-year period.

If you are resitting an examination your assessment for eligibility to sit the examination must be current (including the IELTS/OET results).

Your original assessment for eligibility is current for three years. 

If your original assessment for eligibility is out of date you will be required to reapply for an assessment for eligibility to sit the examination and pay the appropriate fee.

If you have any queries please contact the Registration Officer at