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If you are a dietitian with full Accredited Practising Dietitian status (APD) credentialed by the Dietitians Australia (DA), you will likely be eligible for Registration in New Zealand through the ‘Mutual Recognition Voluntary Relationship Charter’.

The ‘Mutual Recognition Voluntary Relationship Charter’ (MRVRC) applies to dietitians with full APD status who have been credentialed by the DA; that is those who have practised for at least one year and completed their provisional APD programme. Such dietitians are acceptable to the Dietitians Board for registration and certification for practice within New Zealand.

Other credentialed/registered dietitians, typically those in their first year of practice after graduating or after a prolonged absence from dietetic practice, are not covered by this Mutual Recognition arrangement.

No dietitian with any restriction or limitation regarding their practice in their country of registration/credentialing will be eligible to apply for Mutual Recognition.

Confirmation by the DA or Dietitians Board to the other, that an applicant has good standing with their credentialing/registration and practising status, will suffice to identify that the dietitian complies with the requirements of the authority with which she or he is registered/credentialed, along with the information provided on the appropriate application form.

APD applicants must successfully complete the MauriOra Foundation Cultural Competence Course which can be found here.

Note: Dietitians Australia was formally known as Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA).

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact our Registration Officer at