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Dietitians who are authorised to be a Dietitian Prescriber can be found on the Register. 

Dietitian prescribers are able to prescribe and authorise subsidised dispensing of some specific products, in addition to all Special Foods. The Medicines (Designated Prescriber—Dietitians) Regulations 2015 are located here. 

The list of vitamins, minerals and related products that dietitians can prescribe can be found HERE

Dietitians must have undertaken the Dietitian Prescriber Course which includes a summative assessment, before they can be endorsed on his/her practising certificate and endorsed on the Board’s Register. 

Since 2014, graduates with the prescribed Post Graduate Degree from any of the three New Zealand Accredited Universities meet the requirements for endorsement and are not required to undertake the Dietitian Prescriber Course, unless they did not undertake this Module prior to graduation.

Dietitian Prescribers are monitored during the year and have approved supervisors. Please familiarise yourself with the Prescriber Policy and make sure that you nominate your prescribing supervisor through the Practitioners Portal.

If a Dietitian Prescriber changes supervisor they must immediately arrange for a new prescribing supervisor to Sign On, select them from the drop down under My Supervision on the Practitioners Portal.

An Annual Prescribing Update is required to be undertaken – Dietitian Prescribers can find this on the Dietitians Board MOODLE platform.

Taking Leave as a Dietitian Prescriber

Dietitian Prescribers should undertake the MOODLE annual prescribing update course every year, even when Non-Practising. This maintains their endorsement and ensures a smooth return to prescribing practice.

Practitioners taking leave will also need to retain a prescribing supervisor whilst Non-Practising, which will aid the completion of the annual update course.

ESA Prescriber Information Pack

New Dietitian Prescribers can find information relating to Special Authority from the Ministry of Health website.

If you require an electronic prescribing form, please contact the Board and we can provide this to you.

Removing Prescriber Endorsement

Dietitians who wish to have their Prescriber Endorsement removed need to email this instruction to the Board