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Cancelling an entry on the Register

Are you retiring from dietetic practice?

Under section 142 of the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003 (HPCA Act), the Dietitians Board may remove the name of the name of a practitioner from the Dietitians Register.

A practitioner at any time may request the Registrar to cancel the entry in the Register relating to him/her.  The request must be made in writing by completing the Cancellation of Entry on Register application form.

The request for cancellation of registration will be approved when:

  • A practitioner has alerted the Secretariat that they wish to be removed from the Dietitians Register and submitted a Cancellation of Entry on Register application form
  • The form is completed in full, including completing the Statutory Declaration in the presence of a person authorised to make a statutory declaration
  • Annual Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements have been completed (if applicable)

The request for cancellation of registration will not be approved if the practitioner making the request has pending criminal or disciplinary actions against him/her.

Practitioners must provide updated contact details, including phone, email, and mailing address.

For more information, see the Removal from Dietitians Register Process.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Requirements

Under the HPCA Act, the Medicines Act, and other legislation, Registered Dietitians are obligated to maintain and enhance their competence as Registered Health Professionals.

The Dietitians Board provides a Continuing Competence Programme (MyCCP) to enable them to meet annual recertification requirements.  This is done by providing a formalised procedure for dietitians to demonstrate their participation in professional development activities.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is required throughout the duration of a practising year.

If a practitioner holds an Annual Practising Certificate (APC) at the time of the request, or held an APC for some part of that practising year, they are required to meet their annual CPD requirements, as per the declaration they made at the time of obtaining their APC

For more information, please read the Continuing Professional Development page.

Return to Practice

If you wish to return to practice as a dietitian, you may be required to satisfy a number of Board requirements.  These requirements differ depending on the length of time spent away from practice.

For more information, please read the Return to Practice page.

Use of the title ‘dietitian’

“Dietitian” is a protected term under the HPCA Act.

Once removed from the Dietitians Register, a person may not use the title of “dietitian”, be known as a dietitian, refer to themselves as a dietitian, and portray themselves as one if they are not registered with the Dietitians Board or hold a current Annual Practising Certificate (APC).

It is not appropriate to make a statement such as “I trained as a Dietitian.”

Individuals who were once on the Register and are now no longer, may refer to the title of their qualification and the institution that conferred it.

If a person wishes to use the title of “dietitian” or seeks to return to work in the role of a dietitian, they will be required to meet the Boards Return to Practice requirements.