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If you are an employer of a dietitian you should be aware of how the HPCA Act and the Board impacts on you and supports you in protecting the New Zealand public.

In New Zealand dietitians are the only nutrition health profession to be regulated by law and the title is a protected title so only those practitioners registered by the Dietitians Board can use the title of Dietitian.

Dietitians are legally required to be registered with the Dietitians Board, which is the Regulatory (Responsible) Authority appointed by the Minister of Health. 

To practise in New Zealand, dietitians are required to be both registered by the Board and hold a current practising certificate.

It is the practitioners responsibility to maintain their competence and renew their annual practising certificate each year.

For more about when a practitioner is required to hold an APC, please read the Registered Practitioners: Requirement to hold Annual Practising Certificate Policy.