Annual Practising Certificate (APC)

All Dietitians who wish to practise dietetics in NZ must be registered with the Dietitians Board and hold a current Annual Practising Certificate (APC)

The Dietitians Board promotes and protects the public interest by providing for mechanisms to ensure that dietitians are qualified, competent and fit to practise their profession. To achieve this, the Dietitians Board provides frameworks for the regulation of the dietetic profession The APC is one such mechanism under the HPCA Act 2003.

An APC must be renewed each year.

For clarity - if you are a Registered Dietitian you should hold an APC if any of the following apply:

  • You are using your knowledge and skills as a Dietitian
  • Your job description requires you to be a Registered Dietitian
  • The position you are employed in requires that you are a health professional
  • You are calling yourself a Dietitian (or representing in any manner that you are authorised to practise dietetics)
  • You use your dietetic knowledge in your employment

The requirement to hold an annual practising certificate is not restricted to provision of direct clinical care. It applies to any role that involves the safe, effective, delivery of dietetic services impacting on the public and, as such, includes part-time and voluntary work.

Follow this LINK to read more about when you are required to hold an APC.


Annual APC Renewals

During March each year practitioners are required to renew their APC - this is undertaken online - MyCCP requirements must be met. To complete this process you must have held an APC for the full current practising year and have completed a minimum of  15 credits for MyCCP

If you have not held an APC for a full practising year you will need to apply using a hard copy application. You must meet the pro rata credit requirement for MyCCP. However, if you have completed a minimum of 15 credits for MyCCP you can apply online.

In Year APC Applications

At this point in time hard copy applications must be completed and posted to the Board - the next iteration of the Board's IT upgrade will enable this facility.

Please note that ALL hard copy applications for an APC must be an original signed hard copy via the post - we do not accept faxed or scanned applications.

Non- Practising Declaration

If you will not be practising during 2017/2018 and wish to remain on the Register you must make a Non-Practising declaration and pay the Registration Maintenance fee - $50


APC 2017/2018 fee$575.00

A Disciplinary Levy of $50.00 is applied to all practitioners with a current APC for 2017/2018

A total payment of $625

Registration Maintenance fee - $50

Payment for either may be made by online banking or the following credit cards: MasterCard and VISA.

Please do not send cash or cheques.

Bulk payments for APC's are unable to be made. 

Practitioners are reminded it is their responsibility to renew their APC not their employer's and not to leave it until the very last minute.  


If you are returning to work after being on maternity leave or overseas and don't need an APC until after 1 December a discounted fee applies. Between 1 April and 1 December you will need to make a Non-Practising Declaration ($50) for the period you are not practising.

Part Year - 1 December to 31 March APC fee is $357 (includes $50 Disciplinary Levy and GST)

If you will not be renewing your APC for 2017/2018 you MUST complete a Non-Practising declaration through the Dietitians Login Portal.


The APC is a legal document - please keep it in a safe place - should you misplace it there is a $65 charge for a replacement certificate.