Accreditation Standards

Following the publication of Professional Standards and Competencies for Dietitians (2017) the Board has now developed Accreditation Standards for New Zealand Dietetic Education Programmes, and education providers delivering an accredited dietetic education programme will be required to meet these Standards from January 2020.

NOTE: Current accreditation remains in place throughout the transition period.

The accreditation standards specify the criteria against which education and training programmes are assessed for accreditation. The standards support the defined knowledge, competencies and professional attributes required of graduates to register as a Dietitian. The Board has four mandatory Accreditation Standards:

Programme of Study

Programme design, delivery and resourcing produces competent graduates able to practise dietetics across the Scope of Practice.


Assessment is fair, valid, reliable and sufficient to evaluate student competence across the Scope of Practice.

Quality Assurance

Effective governance and quality assurance systems are in place for the programme of study.

Public and Student Safety

Public and student safety is assured.


Each Standard has a number of assessment Criteria that determine whether the evidence provided clearly demonstrates Standard achievement.