New Zealand graduates can apply for Registration with the Dietitians Board if they have the following qualifications:

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Dietetics from University of Otago
  • Masters of Dietetics from University of Otago
  • Master of Science (Nutrition and Dietetics) from Massey University
  • Master of Health Sciences in Nutrition and Dietetics from University of Auckland

NEW GRADUATES - Please note the Board cannot process your application for Registration until it has received notification from the Head of Dietetic Training at the University you have studied advising you have successfully completed all the course requirements of the Masters degree. This is usually received in February/March. More information for new graduates can be found on this page and in THIS DOCUMENT.

An application for registration must be hard copy originals (or certified copies where stated) and contain the following:

  • A completed and signed Application for Registration form.
  • Application fee - this is non refundable 
  • Two references. These must be sent by the referees direct to the Dietitians Board.  Please give your referees the information sheet for referees attached at the back of the application form, to guide their referee report.  At least one referee must be a tutor or staff member involved with your postgraduate programme, who has known you for at least 12 months.
  • Correctly certified copy of birth certificate or passport. For registration purposes and as stated on the Registration application form, these must be certified or notarised ‘as a true copy of the original’ by a Justice of the Peace a Solicitor or Notary Public (not by the Police, Post Office or other person).  It must be obvious who the certifying person is and a stamp or seal used.
  • Criminal convictions report(s) from relevant jurisdiction(s). For New Zealand, please complete, print, sign and return to the Registrar the relevant parts of THIS FORM. The Registrar will complete section 1 and send the form for processing. See also the Board Criminal Convictions policy document for further information.

NOTE: CRIMINAL CONVICTION CHECKS take 20 working days to process - please take this into consideration when submitting your Registration application. It is possible to submit the CCC application to the Board prior to submitting your Registration application so we can begin what can be a lengthy process. Some individuals have contacted the Criminal Records Unit personally following submission and asked for their application be expedited. It appears individuals can request this but it comes at a cost to a third party (the Board).

Notification from the Head of Dietetic Training that you have completed all the course requirements of the Masters degree will be sent to the Board directly from the University.

On receipt of your Masters degree, please send a copy to the Board
Once you have sent in your application and fee for Registration there will be some exchange of documentation and you will be required to respond to the Board within a short time frame via email.

After you have responded accordingly and the Board accepts and approves your application, your name will be entered onto the Register of Dietitians.

At this point you will be sent a Registration certificate and other documentation (the Registration Certificate is included in the fee).

You will then be able to apply for an Annual Practising Certificate (APC) or make a Non-Practising Declaration. You need to do one of these on being conferred Registration.

Do not apply for an APC at the same time as your Registration.

For clarity – if you are a Registered Dietitian you should hold an APC if:

  • You are using your knowledge and skills as a dietitian
  • Your job description requires you to be a registered dietitian
  • You are calling yourself a dietitian (or representing in any manner that you are authorised to practise dietetics)
  • The position you are employed in requires that you are a health professional
  • You use your dietetic knowledge in your employment


Should you work before being registered/hold an Annual Practising Certificate (APC) the term 'dietetic assistant' should be used as standard.

It used to be the case that you could work as an ‘Intern Dietitian’. The Board has noted there are risks associated with the use of this term by unregistered practitioners, not least because ‘Dietitian’ is a protected title under the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003, and so it has advised that the term  'dietetic assistant' should be used as standard.

Until you are Registered with the Board you are not under its jurisdiction and so should discuss with your employer the mechanisms and checks to keep patients/clients and you safe during this interim period and be very careful not to infer you are a Registered Dietitian.